Our Mission

Landmarks Community Capital Corporation is a nonprofit 501 (c)3 organization, whose mission is to initiate and expand community revitalization by providing creative financing and technical assistance in historic low- to moderate-income neighborhoods and urban centers throughout Western Pennsylvania, Eastern Ohio, and West Virginia.

Historic preservation is one of the most effective catalysts in revitalizing urban centers, neighborhoods and towns.  From Downtown Pittsburgh to East Liberty, from Manchester to the South Side, historic buildings create a unique sense of place that attract new residents and businesses, that build community pride, and that improve the quality of life.

LCC, a subsidiary of the Pittsburgh History & Landmarks Foundation, is committed to facilitating historic preservation related projects throughout the Pittsburgh region.

Since PHLF’s founding in 1964, one of the first internal revolving loan funds in the country to support its development efforts starting in the mid-1970s, to when it began lending to non-profit organizations in the mid-1980’s, we have seen historic preservation take hold in communities that were in great transition, and are now moving towards the path of economic stability, prosperity and sustainability.

We believe that preservation projects large and small make a tremendous impact in our communities.  To find out how LCC can assist you with your historic preservation project please contact us or apply now through our online procedures.