Steps in applying for an LCC loan:

  1. Contact LCC to discuss your project.
  2. Complete and submit a loan application form including all requested materials.
  3. LCC contacts you to schedule an in-person meeting.
  4. Submit supplemental material as requested.
  5. The loan committee will review applications once all materials are received.
  6. Loan is approved or denied.

*Organization Name:


Contact Person and Title:

Phone Number:


Website, if applicable:

How did you hear about us?

Mission of Organization/Type of Business:

501(c)(3) Organization:
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What types of services does your agency provide and in what areas?

How long has your organization been in business?

What is your annual budget?

Loan Type:

Historic Designation of real estate, if any:

Type of Project:

Estimated loan amount requested:

Project address:

What type of community involvement, if any, has there been in your organization and in the project you are proposing?

Have you involved other sources of financing in your project? If so, please describe:

What part of your project/business will this loan fund? Please be specific.