Partner with LCC

Leverage the impact of your organization in communities throughout the region by partnering with Landmarks Community Capital Corporation.

Two of the most common ways organizations partner with LCC are: providing low-interest capital to LCC help support our mission or providing grant funding to LCC to help offset the expense of providing technical assistance to our borrowers.

Because of our lending practices and history, LCC has had an expansive impact on the Pittsburgh region and has not only played an elemental role in Pittsburgh’s renaissance, but remains engaged in the region’s ongoing rejuvenation.

And because LCC’s mission is specific to low-income communities, financial institutions receive Community Reinvestment Act credits when they invest in our work and mission. In addition, LCC has a proven track record as an efficient and outstanding partner to organizations that seek a broad footprint in the communities in which they are engaged.

Loan to LCC

Landmarks Community Capital has strict underwriting guidelines and undergoes a thorough analysis of all its borrowers. This process has proven itself, as LCC has less than a 1% default rate on all its loans since the fund was established. Trust that your funds will be managed efficiently and effectively.

Make a Grant to LCC

Grant dollars allow Landmarks Community Capital to continue to offer technical assistance to all borrowers— an aspect of lending that is unique to us because of our history and experience in restoration and redevelopment of historic buildings. Your support will allow us to continue this work.